Two Day Blitz in Dubai
Two Day Blitz in Dubai

Two Day Blitz in Dubai


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Even though I have lived and worked in Dubai on and off, my paths never crossed with my friend Vijayam who has been in the City of Gold for over 20 years! We finally managed to plan a few days off when we would spend quality time and catch up on the last decade of our life. How time flies!


  • Fun at Global Village

  • Oh, Marina! How lovely it is to visit

Day 1

Fun at Global Village

Woah, Global Village. For someone who loves outdoor shopping and quirky collectibles, Global Village is like teleporting to different markets all over the world in an instant. There are over 32 giant stalls and pavilions representing more than 75 countries and this stunning village is a whole other glamorous universe celebrating diversity. Vicky and I, meeting after 10 years felt this was the perfect way to exchange life stories and we were even tempted to take a whirl on some of the children’s rides. California Highway was her first choice to be exact, for ‘a laugh’ - because of the connection to the song Hotel California! The food at Global village is to DIE FOR - we are street-food loving friends and we could choose from about 120 kiosks serving street delicacies from all over the world. If you are lucky, you can catch live performances of dance, music and even fireworks over the waterways. This was an eclectic, highly memorable experience. A breather beneath Bosnian House’s sweet serving canopy. BRITS! Swap your standard “kebob” for something new!. We had to try Bosnian house’s highly rated traditional Bosnian cuisine while here. The award-winning ‘Bosnian House’ was a winner’s spot for us. Why were we winners? Not only for devouring aromatic, delicious kebabs and pastries served on a golden platter under an illuminated, soft, warm-toned setting. We scored 40% off our meals with our Zomato subscriptions and felt it was amazing value for experiencing Bosnian food in Dubai!


Global Village

The Global Village in Dubai is a cultural and entertainment destination featuring stalls and pavilions representing over 75 countries. It offers a diverse range of experiences and entertainment options, and is visited by over five million people annually. The Global Village was originally created to highlight Dubai's culture and has grown into an internationally renowned destination with a unique blend of cultures, entertainments, and tourist activities.
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Day 2

Oh, Marina! How lovely it is to visit

The endorphins of love. As you could probably tell by now, we appreciate our natural resources. Water is one we truly adore. As we strolled along the beautiful Dubai Marina, the Love Boats sprung their energetic arrows into our cynical forty plus year old hearts! We love catching sunsets and the timing was just right!. We felt the love, as we immersed ourselves in gliding through glistening and giddy waves; waltzing into Marina’s skillfully created waterways. Our fantastic stops on this trip were the Marina Lagoons and Palm Jumeirah, where we admired the picturesque shore filled with avant-garde architecture marvels. Some of which are: the iconic Dubai Marina Yacht Club, the quirky Cayan Tower and the glamorous Princess Tower. The scenes of this trip were so beautiful we wanted to paint them in stillness, freeze the moment for a little longer; our little bubble of bliss.


Love Boats Dubai

Experience the thrill of falling in love with Love Boats Dubai. Embrace the nervous anticipation and let yourself be swept up in the wave of emotions. Take the journey into the unknown and revel in the excitement of sharing affection. It may be a rocky ride, but it's worth it.
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